On the Ground (Върху Земята)

November 7, 2007

In which milliards of years?
From whose first love?
Between which and what?

And why, God,
It’s always you we call for a witness?
And why do I actually need the heavenly
Sings of the secret internal conspiracy?

I only witness my own death.

Hey, you there, body of mine, do you remember
Once – once
In you were crawling milliards of capillaries,
An ant-hill body!

Now I am fa-a-ar, far away from you.

My dead ear, do you hear me?
Ah, the trees are sucking
Green words from the stone!

Tell the wind!
Tell the wind!

And the war is long over.
And I am forgotten on the ground.
And all doors to me are open.

Let the marauders in!

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