A Self-Portrait without a Watch

November 8, 2007

The one who walks and sinks!
A branch for the wind to hang on!
Here, under the tree is the spring,
There, under the stone is the evil.

The one who takes your eyes
And slips out under the eyelashes,
Whom you feel for a twinkle,
Once in a thousand.

My children, little Bulgarias,
Pagans fallen in God’s church,
Wear my ashes!

A counterpart of the day and the night,
Time and sand,
A four-legged bird from Elania,
The hunter and the beast,
I tell you “Good day”
And bid you farewell.
Whom I smiled?
Whom I put out my tongue at?
I don’t know – I don’t know,
I won’t say – I won’t say.

I’ve been made to astonish!

Don’t try too hard,
No one can help me now,
I’m shattered, I don’t love myself.

Who are you?
I am the one who gets bored.
And his tomb!

Who are you-u-u?

– The dro-o-op! – cried out the rain.
And no one could draw this wet word.

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