Иван Дашев Радоев е български поет и драматург от края на 20ти век. Роден на 30.03.1927 г. в гр. Пордим. Сред най-значимите му стихосбирки са: “Пролетно разсъмване. Стихотворения” (1953), “Стихотворения” (1958), “Баладична поема” (1960), “Един бял лист” (1975), “Стихотворения и поеми” (1978), “Грешни сънища. Стихотворения и поеми” (1987), “Бяло потъване. Децими. Феникс” (1992). Той е един от създателите на лиричната драма у нас – “Светът е малък”, “Голямото завръщане”, “Червено и кафяво”, “Садал и Орфей”, “Човекоядката”, “Биволът”, “Чудо”, “Сън” и др., които и днес се играят по българските театри. Умира през 1994 г.

Ivan Radoev (1927 – 1994) est un poète et dramaturge bulgare de la fin du 20-me siècle. Auteur de plusieurs livres de poèsie, aussi que nombreuses oeuvres de thèatre.

Ivan Radoev (1972 – 1994) is a bulgarian poet and playwright from the end of the 20th century.


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  1. stir Says:

    Ivan Radoev (1927 – 1994) was born in the town of Pordiv, and studied Law and Bulgarian Language and Literature in St. Kliment Ohridski Sofia University. He worked as an editor in the Starshel newspaper, the Rodni krile newspaper, the Bulgarski voin magazine, the Bulgarian National Television, and as playwright in the National Opera in Sofia, the Salza i smiah theatre, Sofia theatre, Pernik theatre. His poetry has been published since 1939. His plays have been translated and performed in many languages, and are still performed today. He received the special award for lifetime achievement from the International Academy of Arts in Paris in 1992.

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